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Aerospace Sciences Staff

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Dean's Office
Prof. Eng. Emmanuel Kipkorir Dean, Aerospace Sciences
Mr. John K. Tarus Administrative Assistant
Ms. Irene W. Waweru Secretary
Mr. Lazarus Kemei Accountant
Mr. Michael K. Kiplagat Office Assistant
Mr. Shadrack Maiyo Messenger/Cleaner
Department of Flying Studies
Mr. Daniel O. Odido HOD, Flying Studies
Ms. Lynda Chemuttut Quality Assurance Manager
Mr. Allan E. Ang’elei Chief Ground Instructor
Cpt. Miren Haria Deputy Chief Flight Instructor
Mr. Timothy K. Tanui Graduate Assistant
Mr. Joseph K. Kandie Graduate Assistant
Ms. Beatrice W. Githua Aircraft Technician
Ms. Stellah C. Chepkwony Aircraft Operator
Mr. Vincent Masese Snr. Aircraft Technician
Mr. Jeremiah Toroitich Aircraft Assistant
Mr. Luka C. Cheptalam Lab Attendant
Ms. Catherine Chesoo Copy Typist
Department of Aerospace Logistics & Security
Dr. Dianne Uyoga Ag. HOD, Aerospace Logistics & Security
Stephen Chelogoi Lecturer 
Joshua Chesop Lecturer
David Tenai Lecturer
Caroline M. Marete On Study Leave
Lilian Rop Secretary
Department of Aviation Avionics
Prof. Peter K. Torongey Asst. Professor
Paul Tirop Tutorial Fellow
Antonina Omuke Librarian in Charge
Hellen J. Singo’ei Library Assistant
Antony Barasa Library Assistant
Josesph K. Kapkiyai Library Checker
Hellen C. Sing'oei ICT Technician
Caren Jebiwott Lab Attendant


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Moi University at a glance 001

Moi University at a glance 002

Our Programmes

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  1. Private Pilot Licence
  2. Commercial Pilot Licence

  1. Bachelor of Civil Management
  2. Bachelor Science of Aerospace Sciences

Message from the Dean

Prof Eng Emmanuel Chesum Kipkorir Prof. Eng. Emmanuel C. Kipkorir
School of Aerospace Sciences

The school was established in September 2009 to start offering degree course in the following disciplines Aviation and Space sciences which are related. Thus the name of the school “Aerospace” refers to the two disciplines. Currently the school offers degree programmes in aviation field of study, namely, Bachelor of Science in Aerospace science and operations (Professional pilot, Aviation Security, and Aerospace Logistics).

Through the programmes the school aims at producing graduates who are knowledgeable with practical and appropriate skills to serve and meet the challenges in the aviation industry. The programmes are designed to prepare graduates for a wide range of career in the aviation industry.

The school also offers the non-degree course in Private Pilot license (PPL), Commercial Pilot license and Multi-engine (ME) and Instrument Ratings.The school is in the process of developing courses in Aircraft Maintenance, and Space Science and Technology.

The school has collaborations with the East African School of Aviation (EASA), Oklahoma State University (USA), Shenyang Aerospace University (China). To achieve your dreams in Aviation studies, welcome to the Moi University, School of Aerospace Sciences.

These programmes are already in place. These programmes have been designed to combine a broad-based core of units covering the major functions of academic and vocational skills, with an in-depth specialist variant. As different academic and Human Resource Management needs are identified, additional variance are introduced to enable students to make sound decisions by the use of logical analyses and to solve multi-variant problems with the assistance of a wide range of analytical techniques and also improve the students’ self–confidence and ability to present their problems and solutions in a manner acceptable to specific disciplines. The teaching staffs have wide experience, knowledge and skills in diverse areas as Economics, Linguistics, Entrepreneurship, Planning, Management, administration and Computer. They constitute unique and admirable bedrock of modern world human resource developers.

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Contact Us

The Dean,
Moi University School Aerospace Sciences,
P.O. Box 3900 - 30100,
Eldoret, Kenya, East Africa.
Tel:    +254 205 611 291

Fax:    +254 534 3047

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: https://aerospace.mu.ac.ke

Vision, Mission


To be the principle centre of knowledge and excellence in Aviation and Space Sciences responsive to current global aerospace demands.



To contribute, innovate and disseminate Aerospace knowledge by providing a supportive educational environment and producing graduates with practical and appropriate skills, keen sense of foresight and safety for the service of all stakeholders.

Deans Message

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Mission & Purpose

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How University got its start

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